Hopeful Monster: Eve Egoyan + Mauricio Pauly (No Hay Discos 004, released 2023)
No Hay Banda: The Difference is the Buildings Between Us (No Hay Discos 002, released 2022)
Daniel Brew: Sky Destroys Dog (2015), solo electric guitar released 2021.
Distractfold: Charred Edifice Shining (2016), amplified string trio and live electronics, released 2020.
scapegoat: The Threshing Floor (2015), amplified sax/percussion duo and live electroncis, released 2019.
Music by Mauricio Pauly and Santiago Díez-Fischer. Noam Bierstone, percussion. Joshua Hyde, saxophones. Artwork and liner notes by Renee Gladman. Recorded by Luca Piovesan, Blowout Studios, Treviso, Italy, February 2018. Produced by Murat Çolak, Mauricio Pauly and Santiago Díez-Fischer. Mixed by Murat Çolak. Mastered by Richard Scott. Photography by Regina Stelzer. Art Design by Mauricio Quirós and Curtis Ho​​​​​​​.
VAQERIA, w/Richard Knight
Described as "a good no-input mixer and electric bass effort", Vaqeria's first output is upon us 5 years after its recording sessions. Featuring 8 tracks of crisp flirtation where groove is sought but never truly achieved / always subtly avoided. Enjoy loud or quiet. Listen hard or in short spurts. Share with your loved ones. This sensual presentation will win you adoration and respect in most situations. [released July 13, 2018]

Richard Knight: Mauricio Pauly and Richard Knight.
Mauricio Pauly by Richard Knight.
Artwork by Angela Guyton: angelaguyton.com
Studio recording of Patrulla Reliquia (2015), as well as new works for piano and clavichord, composed by Eliza Brown, Ray Evanoff, Santiago Díez Fischer, Fredrick Gifford and Ramteen Sazegari. [released January 3, 2016]

recording: Alex Inglizian, Experimental Sound Studio and Greg Norman, Electrical Audio /mixing: Alex Inglizian, Experimental Sound Studio / mastering: Dan Nichols, Aphorism Studios / photography: Marc Perlish / album design: Mimi Kwan
New music powerhouse JACK Quartet performs works by José Luis Hurtado, Felipe Lara, Mauricio Pauly and Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann.  [released August 15, 2014]

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Studio in Yonkers, NY.
Artwork by Mauricio Quirós.
DUST UNSETTLED, w/Fonema Consort
Collection of works by Pablo Santiago Chin and Mauricio Pauly performed by Chicago-based ensemble, Fonema Consort [released May 6, 2014]

Recorded at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago by Alex Inglizian / Edited by Pablo Santiago Chin and Mauricio Pauly /Mixed and Mastered by Alex Inglizian / Produced by Pablo Santiago Chin / Photography by Marc Perlish / Artwork and design by Ben Knight.
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