Hecayodo (2016)
for amplified trio (three voices synthetic and real, electric guitar, clavichord & fx) and video projection /co-written with Gabriel Montagné / for Trio Pesedjet (Chicago) / ~ August 2017

The Difference is the Buildings Between Us (2016)
for amplified quintet (sax, viola, contrabass, piano & percussion) / for Ensemble Phace (Vienna) + Bludenz Days of Contemporary Music

La caza la pesca el pillaje el pastoreo (2014-16)
for amplified mixed trio (accordion, electric guitar & percussion) electronics and double projection / a three works unpacked a repacked as a one-hour performance – collaboration with video animator, Gabriel Montagné. Commissioned by Villa Romana, Florence.

Charred Edifice Shining (2016)
for amplified string trio / for Distractfold Ensemble (Manchester) + Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music

Fold Explain Fold Leave revisited (backdoor) (2016)
for amplified quartet (bass flute, tenor sax, electric guitar & cello) and live electronics / for House of Bedlam (Manchester) + New Music North West

El teléfono en reposo pero atento (2015)
for amplified sextet and live electronics / commissioned by Ensemble Interface (Frankfurt)

Patrulla Reliquia (2015)
for amplified piano, live electronics & recordings of dry leaves dragged and crushed over ceramic slabs / for Mabel Kwan, Heloisa Amaral and Ray Evanoff

The Threshing Floor (2014)
for amplified duo (saxophone and percussion) and live electronics / commissioned by Scapegoat

Sky Destroys Dog (2014)
for electric guitar / for Daniel Brew and Jesse Langen

Vs. el monopolio de la memoria (2013, rev 2014)
for violin, tenor saxophone and piano / for Ensemble Nikel

Otra máquina célibe (2013)
for amplified mixed quintet and electronics / commissioned by Ensemble Vortex

Great concavity great convexity (2012)
for clarinet, violin, cello and percussion / for Talea Ensemble [New York]

Its fleece electrostatic (2012)
for violin and guitar pedals / commissioned by Karin Hellqvist for Ultima Festival [Oslo, Norway]

Fold explain fold leave (2012)
for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, violin, viola, cello, contrabass and piano / for Dal Niente Ensemble

Dust Unsettled (2011)
for voice, trombone, cello, piano, electric guitar and percussion / commissioned by Eunoia Ensemble [Basel, CH]

Apartamento Polsen Apartamento Peterson (2011)
for tenor saxophone, cello and piano / commissioned by Vertixe Sonora [Spain]

Con tentáculos. No patente pero subpatente (2010)
for clarinet, piano, percussion, electric guitar and cello / commissioned by Staubach Honoraria and Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (Germany) for Asamisimasa (Oslo, Norway)

To what depths of dark pigment (2010)
for cello, diffused audio and video / commissioned Francesco Dillon

Every New Volition a Mercurial Swerve (2009)
for string quartet / commissioned by Americas Society for the JACK Quartet (New York)

Clinamen clinamen clinamen (2008-10)
version I for clarinet and string quartet (2008) / commissioned by Ikarus Chamber Players (NY)

version II for violin, viola, mandolin and accordion (2009) / for Tres Américas Ensemble (NY)

version III for electric guitar and string quartet (2010) / for Song Quartet (Croatia)